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Power, Negotiations, and the Anticipation of Intergroup Encounters, European Review of Social Psychology


This review places intergroup encounters in a broad framework which considers the context in which such encounters take place, and in particular, the power dynamics at play. We address different forms of encounters, spanning from interpersonal interactions (not focused on intergroup aspects) to political negotiations between the groups’ representatives, and argue for a deeper consideration of power asym- metries in examining such encounters. We argue that because high- and low-power group members have different motivations for change in the status quo, they differ in their expectations from intergroup encounters and in the types of encounters they prefer. We describe relevant research while considering moderating factors such as the legitimacy and stability of the power dynamics. We also identify remaining gaps and topics requiring further research. This work has both conceptual and practical implications for the prospects of promoting both positive attitudinal change as well as changes to the hierarchical status quo.




T. Saguy, Nour Kteily

Date Published



Saguy, T., and Nour Kteily. 2014. Power, Negotiations, and the Anticipation of Intergroup Encounters. European Review of Social Psychology.


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