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Operational Matrix Accounting, Contemporary Accounting Research


This paper provides an algebraic basis of accounting transactions, procedures and bookkeeping activities in a framework that supports various financial and nonfinancial reports and accounting views. The development is based, on a set of accounting matrix operators. This approach, when combined with database technology, provides for a new level of control and security of accounting information, and minimizes the processing required for information distribution on a "need-to-know" basis. The procedural accounting matrix captures the essence of a complete accounting procedure; it is independent of any chart of accounts. Moreover, the order in which matrix operators are combined into the procedural matrix implicitly defines the chart of accounts for the related procedure and the accounts' balances. Consequently, it provides an environment in which alternative charts of accounts, and their financial and accounting implications, can be investigated. This approach, though not yet tested for operational efficiency, thus promotes multiple accounting views, such as GAAP, tax, and managerial accounting, that are all based on the same set of basic accounts, and simplifies their reconciliation.




Bala Balachandran

Date Published



Balachandran, Bala. 1989. Operational Matrix Accounting. Contemporary Accounting Research. 5(2): 775-792.


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