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Modeling Goes to Hollywood: Predicting Individual Differences In Movie Enjoyment, Management Science


Consumer behavior researchers are getting more interested in the experiential aspect of consumption, which focuses on the fun and enjoyment that consumers derive from hedonic experiences. We build upon the experiential view of consumer behavior, and present an innovative modeling approach to studying the dynamics of hedonic consumption experiences. We develop a conceptual framework for the enjoyment of a hedonic experience, in which we propose that the enjoyment of the experience is an outcome of the dynamic interaction between stable individual difference factors, temporary moods, and the emotional content of the experience. We present an application of the conceptual framework in the context of a movie viewing experience. We model the interaction between the temporary moods of an individual and the emotional content of the movie as a stochastic process. This interaction determines the individual's instantaneous emotional states. We develop analytical expressions for the dynamic evolution of the probability distribution of the levels of achieved emotional stimulation, and, through individual difference factors, the expected enjoyment. All measurements are taken prior to watching the movie. We use these measurements to predict individual differences in the ex-post enjoyment of the movie. We present an empirical test of the movie enjoyment model (ENJMOD), and find encouraging results at the individual and segment level. We discuss the implications of our modeling approach for the segmentation and testing of movies, and for the prediction of consumer response to similar experiential products.




Jehoshua Eliashberg, Mohanbir Sawhney

Date Published



Eliashberg, Jehoshua, and Mohanbir Sawhney. 1994. Modeling Goes to Hollywood: Predicting Individual Differences In Movie Enjoyment. Management Science. 40(9): 1151-1173.


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