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Pharmaceutical Advertising Strategies: Generating Success with Statins


Pharmaceutical company Veridian was preparing to launch a new drug that it hoped would become its newest blockbuster. The drug, Clautavix, was part of a new generation of statins, used to treat patients with high cholesterol. Clautavix was clinically better than the leading generic statin in many cases, with minimal side effects. Because Clautavix was new in the market and still relatively unknown, the CMO had to find the most effective and efficient marketing strategy to make both the public (as the end consumers) and physicians (as the prescribers) want to choose the drug over other options. One option was direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising, which mainly comprised digital, print, and television ads. Another option was physician detailing, which involved using sales representatives to build in-person relationships with physicians and educate them about the benefits of Clautavix for their patients. Yet there was growing pressure from regulatory authorities and the medical community to ban DTC advertising, after several highly public scandals involving unethically marketed drugs. Considering the risks involved, Palmer wondered which option would be the most profitable for Veridian. She needed to closely examine the datasets before making a final determination.




Amanda Starc, Nilima Achwal

Date Published



Starc, Amanda, and Nilima Achwal. Pharmaceutical Advertising Strategies: Generating Success with Statins. Case 5-323-507.


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