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Tupelo Medical: Managing Price Erosion


Robert Davidson, pricing manager for Tupelo Medical, was concerned about the variability in price paid for its top-selling product, the Micron 8 Series blood pressure monitoring system. Using historical transaction data, Davidson must determine the appropriate price floor. Setting a price too high risked the loss of a large number of customers, putting the company at substantial risk due to the importance of the product. Setting a price too low would impact Davidson's ability to meet the stated objective of increasing margins by 3 percent. He wondered what the optimal price floor would be and what the expected profits would be for that new price floor. Additionally, the company's business varied considerably by geographic region, account size and account type. As a result, he needed to consider whether it made sense to set a single price floor or whether he could improve profits by allowing some variability in the price floor by customer segment.




Eric T. Anderson, Daniel Abraham, Elizabeth L. Anderson, Gus Santaella

Date Published



Anderson, T. Eric, Daniel Abraham, Elizabeth L. Anderson, and Gus Santaella. Tupelo Medical: Managing Price Erosion. Case 5-412-750 (KEL707).


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