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Moving beyond implicit bias training: Policy insights for increasing organizational diversity., Policy Insights for the Behavioral and Brain Sciences


Many organizations are working to address diversity, equity, and inclusion. Organizations frequently use implicit bias to explain disparities and marshal implicit bias training as a solution. Implicit bias is difficult to change and trainings do not yield more diversity in organizations, so organizations should move beyond implicit bias trainings in their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Organizations should (a) use trainings to educate members of their organizations about bias and about organizational efforts to address diversity, equity, and inclusion; (b) prepare for, rather than accommodate, defensive responses from dominant group members; and (c) implement structures that foster organizational responsibility for diversity, equity, and inclusion goals; opportunities for high-quality intergroup contact; affinity groups for underrepresented people; welcoming and inclusive messaging; and processes that bypass interpersonal bias. Although no simple, one-size-fits-all solutions address organizational diversity, organizational leaders have many tools they can use to design more effective diversity strategies.




Ivuoma Ngozi Onyeador, Sa-kiera T. J. Hudson, Neil A Lewis

Date Published



Onyeador, Ivuoma Ngozi, Sa-kiera T. J. Hudson, and Neil A Lewis. 2021. Moving beyond implicit bias training: Policy insights for increasing organizational diversity.. Policy Insights for the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.(1): 19-26.


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