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Leader as Coach: Restoring Employee Motivation and Performance (B)


Kiera, a young, enthusiastic sales rep, was recently promoted to manager of a sales team of five. In her first year on the job, she tackled a major revamp of the company's outdated training materials and organized a regional conference for her area, but neither her boss nor corporate seemed to appreciate the work she had been doing. Without support or guidance from her boss, Kiera was confused. What was she supposed to do? Parts A and B of the case present two different perspectives on coaching. Part A contains a narrative from the point of view of the "coachee," Kiera, who was learning how to work with her boss, ultimately with the assistance of an executive coach. This case focuses on coaching as a tool to enhance self-management and relationship management and to improve personal performance. Part B describes how Kiera started to learn the "coach approach" to managing her team with the continued guidance of her executive coach. She learned to apply the same skills that her coach used with her in Part A to diagnose her team, share feedback, and communicate expectations. She was learning how to listen and ask thoughtful questions, but she also needed to expand her awareness to "other-management" and build her own coaching skills to enhance her team's performance.




Karen Cates, Brenda Ellington Booth

Date Published



Organizational Behavior

Key Concepts

Human resource management, leadership, management development, motivation, performance management, sales force management, women in business, "Leader as Coach" Coach Approach


Cates, Karen, and Brenda Ellington Booth. Leader as Coach: Restoring Employee Motivation and Performance (B). Case 5-418-750(B) (KE1146).


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