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Optimal Facility Location Under Random Demand with General Cost Structure, Naval Research Logistics Quarterly


This paper investigates the problem of determining the optimal location of plants, and their respective production and distribution levels, in order to meet demand at a finite number of centers. The possible locations of plants are restricted to a finite set of sites, and the demands are allowed to be random. The cost structure of operating a plant is dependent on its location and is assumed to be a piecewise linear function of the production level, though not necessarily concave or convex. The paper is organized in three parts. In the first part, a branch and bound procedure for the general piecewise linear cost problem is presented, assuming that the demand is known. In the second part, a solution procedure is presented for the case when the demand is random, assuming a linear cost of production. Finally, in the third part, a solution procedure is presented for the general problem utilizing the results of the earlier parts. Certain extensions, such as capacity expansion or reduction at existing plants, and geopolitical configuration constraints can be easily incorporated within this framework.




Bala Balachandran

Date Published



Balachandran, Bala. 1976. Optimal Facility Location Under Random Demand with General Cost Structure. Naval Research Logistics Quarterly. 23(3): 421-436.


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