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The Innovation Radar and Enterprise Business System: Innovation in Five Nordic Countries and Beyond


In this chapter we will present how both companies and countries can develop an innovation strategy and new innovation policy by applying new tools and innovation frameworks such as the Innovation Radar in a systematic way and over time. The chapter is structured in three main parts with the first part outlining the argument and case for piloting and using the Innovation Radar in 100 Nordic companies from five countries. Second, the main results from the Nordic programs “InnoTools” and “Measured and Managed Innovation” (MMI) are presented. This is followed by a discussion of key questions raised by 800 company managers and policy makers. The questions were raised from 2008 to 2013, which covered the InnoTools and MMI programs from start to finish. Finally, we summarize the findings into lessons learned from working with business model innovation at both the company and country levels, and how to take stock of these lessons with regard to future actions.


Book Chapter


Robert Wolcott, JornBang Andersen

Date Published



Wolcott, Robert, and JornBang Andersen. 2014. The Innovation Radar and Enterprise Business System: Innovation in Five Nordic Countries and Beyond.: 581-602.


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