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Econometric Analysis of Jump-Driven Stochastic Volatility Models, Journal of Econometrics


This paper introduces and studies the econometric properties of a general new class of models, which I refer to as jump-driven stochastic volatility models, in which the volatility is a moving average of past jumps. I focus attention on two particular semiparametric classes of jump-driven stochastic volatility models. In the first the price has a continuous component with time-varying volatility and time-homogenous jumps. The second jump-driven stochastic volatility model analyzed here has only jumps in the price, which have time-varying size. In the empirical application I model the memory of the stochastic variance with a CARMA(2,1) kernel and set the jumps in the variance to be proportional to the squared price jumps. The estimation, which is based on matching moments of certain realized power variation statistics calculated from high-frequency foreign exchange data, shows that the jump-driven stochastic volatility model containing continuous component in the price performs best. It outperforms a standard two-factor affine jump-diffusion model, but also the pure-jump jump-driven stochastic volatility model for the particular jump specification.




Viktor Todorov

Date Published



Todorov, Viktor. 2011. Econometric Analysis of Jump-Driven Stochastic Volatility Models. Journal of Econometrics.(1): 12-21.


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