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Customer Science


Customer Science examines the strategic principles that define the customer experience. Building on the recent findings in the domains of behavioral economics and social psychology, Customer Science discusses the customer experience from three different perspectives: what customers do—how they identify a problem, seek a solution, and interact with the offering; what they think and feel during this process—how they evaluate different market offerings; and what motivates their behavior—why they act the way they do. This book examines all components of the customer experience—from activating a need to buying a company’s offerings, to becoming a loyal customer and advocate for the company. The different stages of customer interaction with the company and its offerings are presented in the form of a customer experience map, which functions as the organizing principle for this book. The customer experience map is the blueprint for understanding the different stages of the customer experience and facilitating managerial decision making at each stage. The customer experience map is also the foundation of the customer experience canvas, a practical tool to identify the key questions managers should ask as they strive to create impactful customer experiences.




Alexander Chernev

Date Published



Chernev, Alexander. 2022. Customer Science.


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