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Family business: A rich research repository, Journal of Management and Organization


As evidenced in our opening paper Family Business Research at a Tipping Point Threshold (Craig, Moores, Horworth & Poutzouris 2009), family business as a research pursuit has undergone significant growth during the last decade (Heck, Hoy, Poutziouris & Steier 2008; Sharma, Hoy, Astrachan & Koiranen 2007). The issues that have faced family business as a research destination are common among all emerging fields (Moores 2009b). Diverse methods are appropriate when the questions being asked are more common than the answers being provided. Therefore, a range of qualitative and quantitative methods are involved according to the nature of questions. Although not intentional, the collection of papers in this edition reflects this. Important to note is that the authors' questions have moved away from debates around ownership succession, which proliferated early research publications, to broader questions that embrace succession but which are inspired by various established theoretical frameworks (Sharma 2004). Here we have presented papers associated with both internal and external family business stakeholders and the issues that such a diverse group brings to the research agenda.




Justin B. Craig, K. Moores, C. Howorth, P. Poutziouris

Date Published



Craig, Justin B., K. Moores, C. Howorth, and P. Poutziouris. 2009. Family business: A rich research repository. Journal of Management and Organization.(3): 392-394.


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