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Creativity in groups: The good the bad, and the reconcilable.


We envision a smart online discovery tool which helps users discover relevant information they did not even know existed, let alone how to find, which enables them to learn things they didn't know. This highly interdisciplinary reference resource reviews and summarizes knowledge about key social and behavioral science topics and outlines emerging trends in specific fields. Moreover, by using hyperlinks, it dynamically directs users to other articles that bear directly on a topic of interest. The hyperlinks will create an intelligent multidimensional system of cross-referencing, leading users to consider a topic from multiple levels of analysis and from different disciplinary perspectives they may not have considered. Articles will be forward-looking in that each will only briefly review and summarize the current state of knowledge on a given topic, then focus on mapping emerging trends and identifying promising new lines of research. This new resource is especially timely given that increasing spamming and gaming of the Internet has led search engines such as Google to become increasingly less effective. This reference work will allow users to search efficiently and effectively within the social and behavioral sciences while promoting interdisciplinary understanding of individual topics.


Book Chapter


Leigh Thompson, Elizabeth Ruth Wilson

Date Published



Thompson, Leigh, and Elizabeth Ruth Wilson. 2015. Creativity in groups: The good the bad, and the reconcilable..


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