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Structure and dynamics of core-periphery networks, Journal of Complex Networks


Recent studies uncovered important core/periphery network structures characterizing complex sets of cooperative and competitive interactions between network nodes, be they proteins, cells, species or humans. Better characterization of the structure, dynamics and function of core/periphery networks is the key step to our understanding of cellular functions, species adaptation, social and market changes. Here we summarize the current knowledge of the structure and dynamics of traditional core/periphery networks, rich-clubs, nested, bow-tie and onion networks. By comparing core/periphery structures with network modules, we discriminate between global and local cores. The core/periphery network organization lies in the middle of several extreme properties, such as random/condensed structures, clique/star configurations, network symmetry/asymmetry, network assortativity/disassortativity, as well as network hierarchy/anti-hierarchy. These properties of high complexity together with the large degeneracy of core pathways ensuring cooperation and providing multiple options of network flow re-channelling greatly contribute to the high robustness of complex systems. Core processes enable a coordinated response to various stimuli, decrease noise and evolve slowly. The integrative function of network cores is an important step in the development of a large variety of complex organisms and organizations. In addition to these important features and several decades of research interest, studies on core/periphery networks still have a number of unexplored areas.




Peter Csermely, Andres London, Ling-Yun Wu, Brian Uzzi

Date Published



Csermely, Peter, Andres London, Ling-Yun Wu, and Brian Uzzi. 2013. Structure and dynamics of core-periphery networks. Journal of Complex Networks. 1: 1-41.


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