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Strategies for High Market-Share Companies, Harvard Business Review


In recent years, a growing number of business practitioners and theorists have postulated that one way for a company to increase its return is by increasing its market share, and studies appear to have confirmed this relationship. But the authors of this article refuse to accept the blanket inference that "more" is necessarily always going to mean "better." A large market share, they point out, can spell more trouble as well as more profit for a company; a given project promising higher returns than others will surely entail greater risks as well. Given this direct link between profit and risk, it behooves companies to manage their market shares with the same diligence as they would manage any other facet of their businesses. This concept of managing market shares leads to some intriguing possibilities. Although most companies can profit by attempting to increase their market shares, some may conclude that they are at (or possibly beyond) the point at which expected costs and risks outweigh expected gains. The authors suggest various strategies that these companies might consider in attempting to manage their market shares.




Paul N Bloom, Philip Kotler

Date Published



Bloom, N Paul, and Philip Kotler. 1975. Strategies for High Market-Share Companies. Harvard Business Review. 53(6): 63-72.


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