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Our faculty are recognized for their insightful analyses and their ability to push the frontier of thought within their respective academic disciplines and professions. Explore research published by Kellogg Faculty and featured in top-tier peer reviewed journals.
August 30, 2021 Kellogg Insight Podcast: Got a Great Idea? Here’s How to Get People on Board. Loran Nordgren, David Schonthal
August 24, 2021 Law 360 Biden’s Antitrust Policies Won’t Depart Entirely from Trumps Mark McCareins
August 20, 2021 AdAge Why T-Mobile Customers Might ‘Shrug Off’ the Data Breach Timothy Calkins
August 19, 2021 Kellogg Insight Now’s the Time to Negotiate for the Job—or Salary or Flexibility—You Want Victoria Medvec
August 19, 2021 Kellogg Insight 3 Ways AI Can Help You Improve Diversity Brian Uzzi
August 19, 2021 Insider How to stop your dread of networking from hurting your career and start using it to your advantage Maryam Kouchaki
August 17, 2021 Forbes Why America’s Failure To Deliver Sufficient Vaccines Worldwide Will Cost The U.S. Its Global Leadership Phillip Braun
August 17, 2021 Business Because MBA Reading List: 19 Books To Read Before Your MBA Jim Lecinski, Neal Roese
August 13, 2021 Crain's Chicago Business What's your data worth? Payday-advance startup raises $60 million. Timothy Calkins
August 12, 2021 Kellogg Insight Trust Usually Helps Communities Thrive. During a Pandemic, Not So Much. Georgy Egorov
August 11, 2021 Kellogg Insight COVID Has Accelerated These 4 Labor Market Trends Benjamin Friedrich
August 11, 2021 Forbes Keep brainstorming—your best ideas are still to come Loran Nordgren
August 07, 2021 Bloomberg Return to the Office Five Days a Week? How About Never Again Lauren Rivera
August 06, 2021 Kellogg Insight Should Americans Be Worried about Inflation Right Now? Efraim Benmelech, Nicolas Crouzet, Zhengyang Jiang
August 04, 2021 Kellogg Insight Cannabis Now Comes in Coffee Pods and Peppermints. How Has That Changed Consumer Perceptions? Ashlee Humphreys
August 03, 2021 Forbes Why Global Investors Need Sustainable Investing Standards Phillip Braun
August 03, 2021 Forbes Why Sales Leaders Need AI—And The C-Suite Should Demand It Joel K. Shapiro
August 02, 2021 Kellogg Insight Gig Workers Are Increasingly Rated by Opaque Algorithms. It’s Making Them Paranoid. Hatim Rahman
August 02, 2021 Kellogg Insight How One Startup Is Approaching Its Return to the Office Andee Harris
August 02, 2021 Kellogg Insight To Better Measure Economic Uncertainty, Look Beyond the Stock Market Scott R. Baker