Brian Eng
Brian Eng

Adjunct Lecturer of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Brian is co-founder and managing partner of Bluebuzzard, a Chicago-based software firm founded in 2004, which specializes in Web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) for the hospitality industry. At Bluebuzzard, Brian leads product management, operations and full-stack development efforts. 

A technology entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, teacher and author with more than 20 years of experience, he has led new product development and software engineering initiatives for some of the world's largest and most progressive companies in hospitality, retail and manufacturing.

He is the co-author of Rails for .NET Developers, published by Pragmatic Press in 2008.


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BS, Computer Information Systems, Indiana University

Other Professional Experience
Partner and CTO, Bluebuzzard Technology Group, Inc., 2005-present
Lead Software Architect, Euromarket Designs, Inc. (Crate and Barrel), 2004-2006
Director, Applications Development, Applied Decisions USA, Inc., 2001-2004
Practice Manager, TAP Management, Inc., 1999-2001
Practice Manager, Symmetry Corporation, 1997-1999
Senior Consultant, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLC, 1996-1997

Print Research
Cohen, Jeffrey and Brian Eng. 2008. Rails for .NET Developers. Pragmatic Bookshelf.

Print Teaching
Full-Time / Part-Time MBA
Introduction to Software Development (KIEI-924-5)
This course was formerly known as KIEI 924-A/KIEI 924-B
This short course is geared for non-programmers who will be founders of, employed in, or consulting to companies that are "tech-enabled". Building an understanding of not only the language of the modern web, but also the processes involved in programming projects is essential in all aspects of technology companies' strategy and general management. This course is the prerequisite for KIEI-925 and is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MMM STUDENTS.

Students will learn how to build and deploy their own "static" website, gaining essential coding literacy and experience with modern tools and nomenclature. Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours a week on assignments. IMPORTANT: Attendance is a significant part of the grade, and all students are especially expected to attend the first class.

Startup Programming and Management (KIEI-925-0)
This course provides students with an introduction to web development and software project management. Students will learn:

* the key concepts of programming and application development
* the essentials of the Ruby on Rails web framework
* the core principles of agile management
* how to use Git and other go-to tools of modern tech companies

By the end of the course, students will be able to build a functional prototype of a simple database-backed web application and deploy it to a production server. Perhaps more importantly, students will gain a literacy in the concepts that go into building a technology product; which will allow them to ideate more constructively, converse more effectively with developers, and manage teams more efficiently.

An interesting aspect of this course is that it will itself be managed as an agile project, using tools such as GitHub and Pivotal Tracker. Other features include:

* unlimited access to screencasts tailored specifically for the course
* lectures will be interactive, with short pair exercises sprinkled throughout
* optional (but strongly encouraged) weekly discussion sections with the professor to reinforce concepts

This class is recommended for students who plan to start web-based businesses and want to understand what goes into developing an MVP. This class is also recommended for students who want to join start-ups and need to understand the technical aspect of the business in order to communicate with the development team. This class is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR MMM STUDENTS. Students will be expected to have Mac, Windows, or Linux computers that they can complete homework and projects on (detailed instructions on setup will be provided).
Students must have completed KIEI 924-A or KIEI-924-B or have consent of instructor to add this class.