Jennifer Cutler

Assistant Professor of Marketing

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Jennifer Cutler's research focuses on understanding perceptual dynamics in social networks and developing methods for extracting marketing insights from social media. Her work, which blends advances in quantitative marketing, social psychology, and artificial intelligence, has received awards from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, the National Business and Economics Society, and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.

Professor Cutler teaches "Digital Marketing Analytics" in the MBA program and has taught a range of executive education courses at both Kellogg and Microsoft. She earned her Ph.D. in Business Administration from Duke University and her Sc.B. in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences from Brown University.

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Ph.D., Business Administration (Marketing), Duke University
Sc.B., Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences (Natural Language Processing), Brown University

Academic Positions
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2016-present
Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2015-2016
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2013-2016

Other Professional Experience
, Microsoft, 2000-2008

Honors and Awards
Richard M. Clewett Research Chair Award
Grant Award: "Quantifying Multifaceted Perceptual Dynamics in Online Social Networks", National Science Foundation
Outstanding Paper Award, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
Most Innovative Paper Award, National Business and Economics Society
Grant Award: "Tracking Perception Dynamics in Online Social Networks", Educational and Research Initiative Fund
Visiting Scholar Funding, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition

Print Research
Research Interests

Developing and applying social media analytics techniques to: improve & scale marketing research measurement, understand online influence & persuasion, and promote corporate social responsibility

Wang, Zhao, Jennifer Cutler and Aron Culotta. 2017. Are Words Commensurate with Actions? Quantifying Commitment to A Cause from Online Public Messaging. Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops. 17: 1050-1057.
Cutler, Jennifer and Aron Culotta. 2017. Using Online Social Networks to Measure Consumer Brand Perceptions. Applied Marketing Analytics. 2(4): 312-321.
Culotta, Aron, Nirmal Kumar Ravi and Jennifer Cutler. 2016. Predicting Twitter User Demographics Using Distant Supervision from Website Traffic Data. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. 55: 389-408.
Culotta, Aron and Jennifer Cutler. 2016. Mining Brand Perceptions from Twitter Social Networks. Marketing Science. 35(3): 343-362 (equal first authorship).
Culotta, Aron, Jennifer Cutler and Junzhe Zheng. 2015. Finding Truth in Cause-Related Advertising: A Lexical Analysis of Brands' Health, Environment, and Social Justice Communications on Twitter. Journal of Values-Based Leadership. 8(2): 7-21.
Culotta, Aron, Nirmal Ravi and Jennifer Cutler. 2015. Predicting the Demographics of Twitter Users from Social Evidence Using Website Traffic Data. The 29th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2015). 29: 72-78.
Cutler, Jennifer and Richard Staelin. 2013. When it Pays to Think about the Competition, and When it Doesn't: Exploring Overconfidence Bias in Dynamic Games. Contributions to Game Theory and Management. 6(1): 75-88.

Print Teaching
Topics in Quantitative Marketing (MKTG-552-0)
This seminar-style class exposes students to working papers in current areas of active research. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students are required to enroll. Participants will read, present, and discuss recent papers with the goal of improving their ability to evaluate a paper’s academic contribution and managerial relevance and to further extend their knowledge of models and methods. This class will reinforce the research environment and foster collaboration between students and faculty. One or more faculty can teach the course, and we expect to rotate it among the faculty on a consistent basis. Faculty who teach this course must be careful to coordinate the content relative to the three core classes.

Full-Time / Evening & Weekend MBA
Digital Marketing Analytics (MKTG-955-0)
This class prepares students to be effective marketing leaders in landscapes that involve digital initiatives and data-informed decision making. Students will gain a working knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, learn to design and evaluate strategic analytics plans, and gain hands-on practice gathering and analyzing large digital data sets containing both structured and unstructured data. The Business Analytics series is a pre-requisite, but no prior experience with digital marketing is required.