Diana Cordova
Diana Cordova

Clinical Professor of Executive Education and Academic Director of the Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute (KELI)

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Diana Cordova is a Clinical Professor of Executive Education and the Academic Director of the Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute. She has published widely and is a recognized expert in the areas of leadership, diversity and inclusion, and human motivation in organizational settings. She holds a B.A. "Summa Cum Laude" from Smith College and a Ph.D. in social psychology from Stanford University.

At Kellogg, Diana provides strategic and operational direction for the Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute (KELI). KELI is a specialty unit within Executive Education charged with creating new approaches for C-suite leadership development and with fostering greater ties and collaboration between the C-suite of leading companies and Kellogg's faculty and classrooms.

Within Executive Education, Diana spearheads and provides academic direction for the Kellogg Advanced Management Program (AMP); the Kellogg Corporate Governance Conference; the Kellogg Chief Diversity Officer Summit; the Kellogg Global Women's Summit; and numerous other custom and open enrollment programs for senior business executives. She has also co-taught an MBA  course on leadership and change management.  

During her time at Kellogg, Diana has cultivated key strategic relationships between senior business leaders and Kellogg's academic faculty. She also oversees the vetting, onboarding, and mentoring process for senior executive practitioners who are part of Kellogg's Senior Fellows Program.

Prior to joining Kellogg, Diana served as Vice President for Leadership Programs at the American Council on Education (ACE). ACE is the nation's leading higher education association, representing over 1,800 college and university presidents from public and private institutions. During her eight-year tenure at ACE, she designed, marketed and launched the ACE Institute for New Presidents and provided general oversight for the association's extensive suite of programmatic offerings for senior higher education administrators.

Diana began her career as a member of the Yale University psychology faculty, where she taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in social psychology and human motivation. She also served as Assistant Dean of the Yale Graduate School, where she worked closely with the Dean to raise the profile of the School and build a sense of community amongst Yale's graduate students.

While at Yale, Diana developed a strong reputation for being one of the most dynamic and engaging professors at Yale College. She was awarded the 1999 Lex Hixon '63 Prize for Teaching Excellence in the Social Sciences in recognition of her dedication to teaching and mentoring undergraduates.

Diana has consulted for Fortune 500 companies, helping them develop and execute strategic approaches to achieve sustained, profitable growth. She also advises companies on the design and delivery of exceptional leadership development programs for their senior executives.

In addition to her responsibilities at Kellogg, Diana serves on the TIAA Hispanic Advisory Council, providing guidance to the organization on how to better serve the needs of  current and prospective Hispanic clients.

Print Vita
Ph.D., 1993, Social Psychology, Stanford University, Stanford University
B.A., 1988, Psychology and Spanish Literature, Smith College, Smith College

Academic Positions
Clinical Professor of Executive Education and Academic Director, Kellogg School of Management, Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute, 2013-present
Assistant Dean, Yale University, Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 2000-2003
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Yale University, 1994-2000
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, The University of Michigan, 1993-1994

Other Professional Experience
Vice President for Leadership Programs, American Council on Education, 2012-2013
Assistant Vice President for Leadership Programs, Interim Director for Inclusive Excellence Group, Interim Director for Executive Leadership Group, American Council on Education, 2011-2012
Director of the Center for Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Equity, American Council on Education, 2005-2011
Acting Associate Commissioner of National Center for Education Research, Institute for Education Sciences (IES), 2003-2005

Honors and Awards
Service Excellence Award, Northwestern University
Member, TIAA Hispanic Advisory Council, 2 year term

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