Shana Bernstein
Shana B. Bernstein

Clinical Associate Professor of Public-Private Interface Initiative
Clinical Associate Professor, Center for Legal Studies, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

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Shana Bernstein (Ph.D., Stanford University, 2003) specializes in 20th Century U.S. History, particularly comparative race and ethnicity. Before joining Northwestern's faculty, she was Associate Professor of History at Southwestern University in Texas. She is a Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians and a PUblic Voices Fellow with Northwestern's OpEd Project. She has won fellowships from the Mellon Foundation and the Huntington Library, among other institutions. Her first book, Bridges of Reform: Interracial Civil Rights Activism in Twentieth-Century Los Angeles (Oxford University Press, 2011), reinterprets U.S. civil rights activism by revealing its roots in the interracial efforts of Mexican, Jewish, African, and Japanese Americans in mid-century Los Angeles, and showing how the early Cold War facilitated, rather than derailed, some forms of activism. Bernstein is currently working on a project examining the environmental justice activism of multiracial working class, immigrant neighborhoods in Chicago from the early through mid twentieth century. 

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Ph.D., 2003, History, Stanford University
M.A., 1998, History, Stanford University
B.A., 1994, History and French, University of California, Berkeley, Highest Honors

Academic Positions
Clinical Associate Professor, Center for Legal Studies, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern Unviersity, 2014-present
Clinical Associate Professor, Public-Private Interface Initiative, Kellogg School of Managment, Northwestern University, 2014-present
Chair, History Department, Southwestern University, 2013-2013
Visiting Associate Professor, History Department and American Studies Program, Northwestern University, 2013-2013
Associate Professor, History Department, Southwestern University, 2010-2014
Assistant Professor, History Department, Southwestern University, 2004-2010
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow/Visiting Assistant Professor in Latino Studies, History Department, Northwestern University, 2003-2004

Honors and Awards
Associated Student Government Teaching Honor Roll Nominee
Associated Student Government Teaching Honor Roll Nominee
Reappointed Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians, Organization of American Historians, 2012-2015, 2015-2018
OpEd Project Public Voices Fellow, 2014-2015

Print Research
Bernstein, Shana B.. Forthcoming. Environmental Health in Progressive Era Chicago. Journal of the Guilded Age and Progressive Era.
Bernstein, Shana B.. 2011. Interracial Activism in the Los Angeles Community Service Organization: Linking the World War II and Civil Rights Eras. Pacific Historical Review. vol. 80(no. 2)
Bernstein, Shana B.. 2010. From Civic Defense to Civil Rights: the Growth of Jewish-American Interracial Civil Rights Activism in Los Angeles. Casden Institute Journal.
Bernstein, Shana B.. 2007. From California to the Nation: Rethinking the History of 20th Century U.S. Civil Rights Struggles through a Mexican-American, and Multiracial, Lens. Berkeley La Raza Law Journal. Vol. 18
Book Chapters
Bernstein, Shana B.. 2011. "From the Southwest to the Nation: Interracial Civil Rights Activism in the Sunbelt Southwest." In Sunbelt Rising: The Politics of Space, Place, and Region in the American South and Southwest, edited by Michelle Nickerson and Darren Dochuk, University of Pennsylvania Press.
Bernstein, Shana B.. 2008. "California Goes National: the Long 1950s." In The Blackwell Companion to California History, edited by William Deverell and David Igler.
Bernstein, Shana B.. ""How to Use the Past to Fight for Your Rights Today"." CNN, January 23, 2017.
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Bernstein, Shana B. and Kate Baldwin. "The Third Shift: How Mom Became The Family's Bodyguard." Talking Points Memo, June 2015.
Bernstein, Shana B.. "Big Business, Government, and Doubt." The Hill, Congress Blog, April 6, 2015.
Bernstein, Shana B.. "How Anti-Semitism in Modern America Could Fuel Cross-Racial Unity." TalkingPointsMemo, March 13, 2015.
Bernstein, Shana B.. "What Caused My Cancer? Was it Bad Genes? Bad Luck? Or Was it theToxins I Eat, Drink, Breathe, and Touch....?." Pacific Standard, January 29, 2015.
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Bernstein, Shana B.. 2011. Bridges of Reform : Interracial Civil Rights Activism in Twentieth - Century Los Angeles. Oxford University Press.

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