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Cases Published

DATE Title Author
2022 Swept Up in Uncertainty at PowerSweeping Matt Littell, Manvendra S. Saxena, John Masko
2022 Palforzia: Valuing a Treatment for Peanut Allergy Timothy Calkins, Shaon Ahsan
2022 Apple's Custom Chips: A Genius Decision? Meghan Busse, Susan Springer
2022 Tapping into a Digital Brain: AI-Powered Talent Management at Infosys Mohanbir Sawhney, Varun Poddar, Charlotte Snyder
2022 Yorgus Yogurt and Zona Sul: Building a New Venture in an Established Family Business Jennifer Pendergast, Justin B. Craig, Sachin Waikar
2022 Thank God It's Natural: A Distribution Dilemma Jim Lecinski, Helena Bouchez
2022 TREW Gear: Is Amazon the Trail to Growth? Jim Lecinski, Helena Bouchez
2022 Nike: Tiptoeing into the Metaverse Mohanbir Sawhney, Pallavi Goodman
2022 Merrick Pet Care: Trial, Error, and Success Derek D. Rucker
2022 Grocery Delivery in the US: Trying to Bag Profits Meghan Busse, Susan Springer
2022 Bain Capital Life Sciences and the High-Risk, High-Reward Quest for a New COVID-19 Drug Craig Garthwaite, Theo Anderson
2021 M-Pesa and Mobile Money in Kenya (Abridged) Sarit Markovich, Charlotte Snyder
2021 Herschend Enterprises: Unifying and Communicating the Voice of Ownership Justin B. Craig, Jennifer Pendergast, Sachin Waikar
2021 Should the United States Raise the Minimum Wage? David Besanko, Anna Koelsch
2021 Denmark's Welfare State David Besanko, Jacob Keal
2021 Inspiral: A Contrast in Operations Strategies Alejandro Hernandez De La Lanza, Jan A. Van Mieghem
2021 Microsoft Surface Hub 2S: The Higher-Education Market Opportunity Mohanbir Sawhney, Pallavi Goodman
2021 PayTran (A): Managing Fraud in Peer-to-Peer Transactions Sunil Chopra
2021 PayTran (B): Fraud Prevention at IWantIt Sunil Chopra
2021 Enterprise Rent-A-Car in the US Meghan Busse, Jeroen Swinkels, Greg Merkley