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Cases Published

DATE Title Author
2023 Pella Corporation: Creating the Right Shareholder Roles and Goals for the Future Jennifer Pendergast, Sachin Waikar
2023 Crescendo: Steinway’s Growth Strategy Tim Calkins
2023 Tata Group and Air India: Optimizing Brands, Routes, and Operations in the Airline Portfolio Mohanbir Sawhney, Debdutta Choudhury
2023 Lyric Opera of Chicago: Setting the Scene to Grow Ticket Sales Jim Lecinski, John Masko
2023 DL3 Realty: Realizing Returns and Revitalizing Communities Through Venture Development William Towns
2023 Disney+ and Machine Learning in the Streaming Age Kevin McTigue, Theo Anderson
2023 Moral Complexity in Leadership (Greed): How Much Land Does a Man Need? by Leo Tolstoy Brooke Vuckovic, Rebecca Talbot
2023 After the Gold Rush: Expansive and the Flexible Office Space Market in 2021 Sarit Markovich, Evan Meagher, Nishant Dhanendra
2022 MIC Food: Shaping the Right Decision-Making Process for the Future Jennifer Pendergast, Sachin Waikar
2022 The Fuyao Glass Cauldron: Creating the Third Leg of Success Lina Deng, Kimberly S. Scott, Cynthia Wang, Jiangyong Lu
2022 Perfect Day: Positioning Innovative Products in Emerging Market Segments Aparna Labroo, Catherine Lamb, Charlotte Snyder
2022 Modelo: Finding a Fighting Spirit Derek D. Rucker, Ann Legan
2022 Laura Rodriguez at OutSite: Playing the "Game" of Professional Advancement (A) Gail Berger
2022 Laura Rodriguez at OutSite: Playing the "Game" of Professional Advancement (B) Gail Berger
2022 Swept Up in Uncertainty at PowerSweeping Matt Littell, Manvendra S. Saxena, John Masko
2022 Palforzia: Valuing a Treatment for Peanut Allergy Timothy Calkins, Shaon Ahsan
2022 Apple's Custom Chips: A Genius Decision? Meghan Busse, Susan Springer
2022 Tapping into a Digital Brain: AI-Powered Talent Management at Infosys Mohanbir Sawhney, Varun Poddar, Charlotte Snyder
2022 Yorgus Yogurt and Zona Sul: Building a New Venture in an Established Family Business Jennifer Pendergast, Justin B. Craig, Sachin Waikar
2022 Thank God It's Natural: A Distribution Dilemma Jim Lecinski, Helena Bouchez