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Kellogg Strategy Department

The Strategy Department explores how firms create and capture value, and how they do so in light of their market environments, organizational capabilities, and regulatory constraints. The department's research and teaching are grounded in microeconomics and reflect its commitment to both rigor and relevance.

The department's research spans a wide range of topics, including health, innovation, organizational design, and industrial organization. Faculty use both economic theory and econometrics to explore these issues. The ultimate and unifying goal of the faculty's research is to improve our understanding of markets and organizations. The faculty share the belief that this is best achieved by combining rigorous economics with a deep understanding of institutional context and detail.

The Strategy faculty is at the cutting edge of research and teaching on the economics of organizations, markets, and public policy.

Strategy faculty sit on the editorial boards of leading journals and are frequently sought out for their expertise in business and government affairs. Members of the faculty founded the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy and authored Economics of Strategy, one of the primary textbooks in the field.

Upcoming Events

April 23, 2019 | 12:05 PM
Kellogg Global Hub, 5301
April 24, 2019 | 01:30 PM
Kellogg Global Hub, 4101

Featured Faculty Members

Thomas N. Hubbard

Professor Hubbard recently found that organizational changes at law firms led to greater income inequality among US lawyers.

Sara Moreira

In a recent paper, Professor Moreira explores how the economy reacts when new innovations make older products obsolete.

Therese McGuire

Recent research by Professor McGuire looks at why state fiscal policies differ across the United States.

Recent Strategy Research

Relational Adaptation under Reel Authority
Daniel Barron, Robert Gibbons, Ricard Gil, Kevin J. Murphy, Management Science, 2019
Collective Choice in Dynamic Public Good Provision
Renee Bowen, George Georgiadis, Nicolas S Lambert, American Economic Journal - Microeconomics, 2019
When Demand Increases Cause Shakeouts
Thomas N. Hubbard, Michael Mazzeo, American Economic Journal -- Microeconomics, 2019
Employed for Higher Pay? How Medicare Facility Fees Affect Hospital Employment of Physicians
David Dranove, Christopher Ody, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2019
Regulated Versus Negotiated Access Pricing in Vertically Separated Railway Systems
David Besanko, Shana Cui, Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2019
Productivity and Credibility in Industry Equilibrium
Michael Powell, RAND Journal of Economics, 2019

Strategy News

Why People — and Companies — Need Purpose
Mark McCareins, Reorg, April 10, 2019
Here’s What Happened After Illinois’ Income Tax Jumped 67%
Therese McGuire, Crain's Chicago Business, April 08, 2019
The Wall Street Journal, Hey, Democrats: Give Markets a Chance
Christopher Ody, The Wall street Journal, April 03, 2019
'Medicare for all’ doesn’t just rival Canada’s system. It goes further
Craig Garthwaite, Roll Call, March 27, 2019
Entrepreneurial Negotiation Skills For Success: Eight Easy Mistakes To Avoid And Quickly Fix
Benjamin F. Jones, Forbes, March 27, 2019

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