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Kellogg Marketing Department

For decades, the Marketing Department has been the recognized leader in the discipline.

Faculty research and expertise includes a broad range of topics, such as marketing analytics, consumer behavior and cultural marketing, advertising effectiveness, and the development of marketing principles and new products.

Our faculty apply an innovative, multi-disciplinary, research-based approach to developing and testing new theories and educating the next generation of leaders.

Our marketing department has produced dominant textbooks in three key areas of marketing: marketing management, channels of distribution, and sales promotions. The marketing faculty serve as editors at leading academic journals, including Journal of Consumer Research and Management Science. The Kellogg faculty also includes three former presidents of the Association of Consumer Research, the leading academic organization for behavioral research. Three members of the faculty have won the prestigious Marketing Educator of the Year award from the American Marketing Association.

Graduate students of the department are emerging leaders in the field; marketing doctoral students have won more American Marketing Association awards for first place and honorable mentions in its dissertation competition than any other school.

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Featured Faculty Members

Lakshman Krishnamurthi

A new study explores how the conventional e-commerce model can integrate more digital innovations.

Chethana Achar

A new paper explores illness-detection versus illness-prevention health actions.

Rima Toure-Tillery

Recent research examines how people make judgments about a group based on a single member.

Recent Marketing Research

Inefficiencies in Digital Advertising Markets
Brett Gordon, Kinshuk Jerath, Zsolt Katona, Sridhar Narayanan, Jiwoong Shin, Kenneth Wilbur, Journal of Marketing, 2021
Efficiently Evaluation Targeting Policies: Improving Upon Champion vs. Challenger Experiments
Duncan Simester, Artem Timoshenko, Spyros Zoumpoulis, Management Science, 2020
How Digital Innovators Achieve Customer Value
Christof Gellweiler, Lakshman Krishnamurthi, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 2020
The First-Member Heuristic: Group Members Labeled "First" Influence Judgment and Treatment of Groups
Janina Steinmetz, Rima Toure-Tillery, Ayelet Fishbach, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2020
So Difficult to Smile: Why Unhappy People Avoid Enjoyable Activities
Hao Shen, Aparna Labroo, Robert Wyer, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2020

Marketing News

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Business
Timothy Calkins, Inc., June 16, 2021
The Evolution Of Marketing: A Candid Conversation With The Father Of Modern Marketing
Philip Kotler, Derek D. Rucker, Forbes, June 16, 2021
Why Legacy Companies Struggle With Data Cultures—And What Leaders Can Do
Thomas O'Toole, Forbes, June 09, 2021
When do people take huge risks?
Derek D. Rucker, Forbes, June 03, 2021
This is the Hidden Cost of Gaining Expertise
Loran Nordgren, Derek D. Rucker, Fast Company, June 03, 2021

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