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Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences

Kellogg Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences Department

The faculty in the Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences Department (MEDS) include economists and political scientists who study, among other things, individual decision making under uncertainty, the performance of firms and markets, economic development, political institutions, and international relations.

The faculty is on the leading edge of fundamental research that has real-world impact around the globe. Topics include auctions, game theory, voting, information aggregation, and strategic behavior within and between organizations. This research is taught in economics and political science departments across the world and is in leading PhD textbooks.

Our MEDS faculty is world-renowned for research and teaching in microeconomics, game theory, political economy, decision theory, probability and statistics.

Faculty in the MEDS department have won numerous research awards and have been elected to memberships of prestigious societies such as the Econometric Society and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Multiple Nobel-prize winners conducted fundamental research here.  Additionally, the journal Games and Economic Behavior was founded in the MEDS department.


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November 26, 2018 | 12:00 PM
Kellogg Global Hub, 5201
November 28, 2018 | 03:30 PM
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November 29, 2018 | 12:15 PM
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Featured Faculty Members

Nancy Qian

In a recent paper, Professor Qian examines why workers in richer countries tend to experience faster wage growth.

Edoardo Teso

Recent research by Professor Teso explores the relationship between people's political and economic preferences.

Jorg Spenkuch

Professor Spenkuch studies political phenomena including campaign advertising, the Supreme Court, and Congressional voting.

Recent Research

Backward Induction in the Wild? Evidence from Sequential Voting in the U.S. Senate
Jorg Spenkuch, Pablo Montagnes, Daniel Magleby, American Economic Review, 2018
Equilibrium Selection in Auctions and High Stakes Games
Paul Milgrom, Joshua Mollner, Econometrica, 2018
Life Cycle Wage Growth Across Countries
Nancy Qian, Todd Schoelman, Benjamin Moll, David Lagakos, Tommaso Porzio, Journal of Political Economy, 2018
A Theory of Non-Bayesian Social Learning
Pooya Molavi, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, Ali Jadbabaie, Econometrica, 2018
Learning and Long-run Fundamentals in Stationary Environments
Nabil Al-Najjar, Eran Shmaya, Games and Economic Behavior, 2018
Intergenerational Mobility and Preferences for Redistribution
Edoardo Teso, Alberto Alesina, Stefanie Stantcheva, American Economic Review, 2018
Social Mobility and Stability of Democracy: Re-evaluating De Tocqueville
Georgy Egorov, Daron Acemoglu, Konstantin Sonin, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2018

Managerial Economic And Decision Sciences News

Attention Passengers: Your Next Flight Will Likely Arrive Early. Here’s Why.
Yuval Salant, Jan A. Van Mieghem, Kellogg Insight, November 06, 2018
How Closely Do Our Beliefs About Social Mobility Match Reality?
Edoardo Teso, Kellogg Insight, November 06, 2018
Take 5: Election Rules and Campaign Tactics That Sway Voters
Craig Garthwaite, Angela Y. Lee, Yuval Salant, Kellogg Insight, October 30, 2018
How Peer Pressure Can Lead Teens to Underachieve—Even in Schools Where It’s “Cool to Be Smart”
Georgy Egorov, Kellogg Insight, October 02, 2018
Musk, Tesla No Longer the Darlings They Once Were
Russell Walker, The Hill, October 01, 2018

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