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Managerial Economics & Strategy

Managerial Economics & Strategy

The PhD program in Managerial Economics & Strategy (MECS), a program offered jointly by the Departments of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences (MEDS) and Strategy, emphasizes the use of rigorous theoretical and empirical models to solve problems in both theoretical and applied economics.  A distinctive feature of the program is its focus on rigorous methods and insights drawn from microeconomics.  The program should appeal to students who wish to investigate economic questions in scenarios where the actions of individual decision makers (such as individual people, firms, or countries) play a key role in determining outcomes.  The program is appropriate for students with an aptitude for analytical thinking, mathematical modeling, and formal analysis.

The MECS program produces research scholars who obtain academic positions at top economics departments and business schools throughout the world.  This objective is achieved by restricting class sizes (averaging 5-6 students entering per year), accelerating students’ exposure to the development of research ideas, and by providing access to courses taught in the MEDS and Strategy Departments along with Northwestern’s Economics Department.

Active Research Areas: contract economics, decision theory, development economics, economics of innovation, economics of organization, economic theory, game theory, health economics, industrial organization, mechanism and market design, technology and innovation, political economy, and social choice

Please note: Applicants to economics-based PhD programs, such as Managerial Economics & Strategy, may opt-in to have their application considered by Weinberg's Economics PhD program. More information about this option is available on The Graduate School website

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