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Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Program

The Kellogg School of Management strongly believes in an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to doctoral study. This approach directly engages our students with the many programs and research faculty found across Northwestern University, one of the nation's leading private research universities.

Our PhD program steeps students in a particular discipline, or combination of disciplines. This training provides great insight into how business works, and a firm foundation from which they can develop excellent conceptual and analytical skills for productive research careers.

Kellogg offers eight fields of study as well as a JD-PhD degree that enables doctoral students to earn a law degree and a PhD degree concurrently.

Accounting Information & Management

Kellogg Accounting Information & Management students learn and apply proven empirical analytical research methods.
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The program provides students with the necessary tools from economics, mathematics and statistics to answer important questions in finance.
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Financial Economics

A broad training in finance and economics is essential for those who wish to do innovative work that straddles both disciplines.
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Management & Organizations

Students learn tools and perspectives from psychology, sociology and economics to study organizations and their members.
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Management & Organizations & Sociology

Students engage with a diverse set of topics and theories that bridge management strategy and relevant economic and  sociological  issues.
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Managerial Economics & Strategy

Students of this program use mathematical models and analytic reasoning to solve theoretical and empirical problems in economics and management.
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Kellogg's Marketing program allows students to specialize in either consumer behavior or quantitative modeling.
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Operations Management

Students focus on managerial decision making about firms' operations functions through quantitative, economics modeling and empirical analysis.
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The JD-PhD Program is for those students who intend to pursue an academic career and whose research and teaching will be enriched by both the JD and PhD degrees.
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