Student Services

The Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern University strive to provide a supportive environment for students with families and students who are planning to have children while enrolled in the PhD Program. Our childbirth accommodation policy is featured here as well as resources for childcare. There are, additionally, job resources for spouses and partners of Kellogg students as they relocate to the Evanston-Chicago area.

Financial Resources
Please take advantage of all of the resources available to Kellogg graduate students in regard to taxes, student loans, and Wildcard discounts. Research funding for doctoral students is also featured.

Health and Wellness

Northwestern's Evanston campus has many resources available for medical care including access to a health clinic, counseling services, health and wellness workshops, and student health insurance. Northwestern's policy regarding childbirth accommodation is also featured. Additionally, students can utilize Northwestern recreation facilities (free membership) and join sports clubs and intramurals at Northwestern.

Housing and Community
There are many support organizations to help students accommodate to life on campus. There is also a Purple Pages webpage to help students travel and find what they are looking for in Evanston and the surrounding areas.

Research and IT
Research resources through the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and The University Library are featured. Links to our research faculty and weekly seminars sponsored by various departments on campus are also included.

University Services
Northwestern offers programs in multicultural affairs as well as career services. Norris University Center is a great place to learn about what is going on at Northwestern!