Featured Research

The Kellogg School faculty is an esteemed group of scholars and practitioners, and members provide a rich source of international experience in professional management problems and practices. Faculty members combine real-world and academic knowledge of management problems to augment their theoretical training.

Research is a vital component of Kellogg’s program. Below is some recent research by Kellogg professors and colleagues in the field of Real Estate.

August 2012 "Housing's Albatross - Negative equity weighs on the market"  Based on the research of Assistant Professor of Finance Brian Melzer

June 2012 "American Real Estate Firms’ Failure to Buy-in to Morocco’s Vision: Why American FDI in the Real Estate Sector Will Continue to Lag" By Breanne Henkelman JD-MBA 2012, for an independent study project.

4/13/2011 "Mortgage Debt Overhang: Reduced Investment by Homeowners with Negative Equity" By Assistant Professor of Finance Brian Melzer

3/28/2011 "Market Timing and Investment Selection: Evidence from Real Estate Investors 2010" By Assistant Professor of Finance Yael Hochberg with Professor Tobias Muhlhofer (Kelley School of Business, at Indiana University). Real Estate Research Institutue 2010 Grant Recipient
May 2009 "Liquidity Rules - Manage innovation or risk repeating history" Based on the research of Professor Ricardo J. Caballero (MIT) and Harold L. Stuart Professor of Finance Arvind Krishnamurthy

Additional resources for faculty research include Kellogg Insight and Kellogg Case Publishing