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Visas and Passports

Below please find some basic information regarding obtaining visas and passports:

  • Visas
    • Each student has the individual responsibility to verify the visa requirements of their host country, and if necessary, to obtain their visa.
    • Please look to the nearest consulate of the country you are visiting to confirm visa requirements.
    • Be sure that you have all required documentation with you *before* going to the consulate
  • Passports
    • Passports take 4-6 weeks to process if you don’t already have one..
    • American passport applications are available online here or at your local post office.
    • Students may need may need to relinquish their passports for visa processing, which can take anywhere from two weeks to three months! Please plan ahead.
    • For additional information about passports, please see the: Northwestern Outbound Student Passport Information
    • Passport and visa photos can be taken at the WildCard office at Norris