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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a visa to go to X? 
  • Check with the destination country’s consulate or Embassy regarding your nationality and the current travel requirements. 
2. Do I need a passport? 
  • You most likely need a passport. Please check travel requirements before proceeding without one! 
3. I already have health insurance; do I need to buy Northwestern’s GeoBlue Insurance? 
  • Yes, you are required to purchase Northwestern’s travel insurance. It covers more than illness or injury. In coordination with their partners, Drum Cussac, GeoBlue also provides evacuation services in the event of a medical emergency, natural disaster or civil/political unrest. 
4. Am I required to get vaccinations? 
  • Please check with your personal care provider before obtaining any vaccinations. 
5. Do I need a Visa if I already have a Passport? 
  • Yes, a visa is a separate document required by some countries for some nationalities to enter for business, tourist, student, or other reasons. It requires a separate application process and regularly an additional fee. Most Visas are affixed inside your passport. You must give up your passport while the visa is affixed. Please take this into account when applying as it could take up to 4 weeks to 3 months weeks to process!