HTH Insurance

To best meet the medical needs of those who travel abroad, Northwestern University requires all students participating in international educational activities facilitated, sponsored, endorsed, or administered by the University (including, but not limited to study abroad programs) to obtain health insurance from HTH Worldwide.

Timing and Enrollment: Enroll prior to leaving the United States. Coverage begins from the start date you specify, to the end date you specify.

    • If you are visiting more than one location on your travels, please list the location where you’ll be spending the most time.
    • GIM students will automatically enrolled in HTH. Currently, all other student groups must enroll individually.

    Who is covered? All regular, full-time and Evening & Weekend Eligible Participants and their Eligible Dependents of the educational organization or institution who:

      • 1. Are engaged in international educational activities; and
      • 2. Are temporarily located outside his/her Home Country as a non-resident alien; and
      • 3. Have not obtained permanent residency status.

      Cost: HTH is $8.45/week for students and $11.00/week for employees. Please see the Northwestern HTH Web site for current pricing.

      Snapshot of Benefits (for a complete list see Benefits Summary Brochure)

      • Zero deductible
      • Pre-departure telephone consultations with HTH Global Health specialists
      • Routine, non-emergency care (including appointment assistance)
      • Continuing services needed for pre-existing condition (such as physical therapy, allergy shots, counseling, routine blood work, etc.)
      • Emergency treatment for accidents, injuries, illness, etc.
      • Mental health services (including counseling/therapy)
      • Prescription medication
      • Care coordination/quality assurance

      Travelers with pre-existing health conditions are strongly encouraged to discuss strategies for managing their condition abroad with an HTH Global Health specialist in advance of departure. Global Health specialists are available 24/7 at (610) 254-8771. Tell the operator you are calling about planning for future travel (not seeking immediate, emergency medical assistance).

      For more information about managing pre-existing health care needs abroad, see

      Activity Exclusions (illness or injury as a result of participating in any of the following activities will not be covered under this policy)

      • Bungee jumping
      • Scuba/skin diving
      • Parachuting/sky diving
      • Hang gliding

      Reimbursement / Notice of Claim

      HTH makes every effort to direct travelers to facilities with which they have a direct financial relationship, so that travelers do not incur out-of-pocket costs. However, this is not possible in all locations abroad. If travelers pay up front for care, HTH will reimburse these costs, so long as the patient produces a receipt and completes a claim form. Please be sure to note your HTH Certificate number on the claim form for quicker processing.

      Claim forms and receipts must be mailed to HTH within one year of coverage dates:

      HTH Worldwide
      c/o Claims Reimbursement
      One Radnor Corporate Center, Suite 100
      Radnor, PA 19087
      Phone: (610) 254-8771
      Fax: (610) 293-3529