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Logistics of the Exchange

  • Exchange opportunities are open to any part-time student who is currently enrolled in their MBA when the exchange program is being offered. Given the limited number of spots for each program, alumni enrolled in the Degree Enhancement Program are not eligible for the exchange program.
  • Students may participate in more than one exchange program during their time at Kellogg, but preference in the application process will be given to those who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in a program. Additionally, the following limits apply:
    • Evening & Weekend students may earn no more than 4 credits from exchange towards their Kellogg degree.
    • Accelerated Option (AO) students earn fewer credits overall, so they may earn no more than 3 credits from exchange towards their Kellogg degree.
  • Commitment: Accepting a spot on an exchange program is a commitment for students to represent Kellogg, as well as themselves. Students are required to sign an agreement to this effect.

  • Registration: Students will be registered for these programs as foreign study (INTL-490).
  • Classes taken at partner schools may be counted towards majors, as determined by the Program Manager in conjunction with Kellogg faculty. This must be confirmed with each student, so do not assume a course will count before verifying.
  • Students may count one credit from the exchange toward their international major.
  • Missing Kellogg Classes: Participation in the Exchange Program does not constitute an excuse to miss a class session or to request special accommodation for final exams. Nor does enrollment in a Kellogg course constitute an excuse for late arrival to official exchange programming. As such, students participating in this program may not take Kellogg courses that overlap with the exchange program dates. Please plan accordingly.

  • Tuition: Tuition will be paid to Kellogg, in keeping with credit hours earned at the study abroad program.
  • Financial Aid: Students may receive additional financial aid to cover the costs of their flights to and from the study abroad destination and program fees. Students may also be eligible for aid to cover housing costs.
  • Insurance: Students must purchase GeoBlue Insurance to cover emergency care while abroad.
  • Host School Support: Assistance with course registration, visa application, and search for housing is provided by the host school.

Additional Resources

  • Please click here to download the slides referenced during the Fall 2018 Exchange Program Info Sessions.