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JV/Family Resources

Partners at Kellogg are referred to as Joint Ventures (JV), and they are an important part of the Kellogg community. Nearly 40% of all incoming students come to Kellogg accompanied by a partner, and many exchange students bring a partner or even their children with them to Evanston!

English Conversation for NU Student’s Spouses and Children

Two times per week, there is an English conversation group for JVs in the Engelhart Playroom, at 1915 Maple Avenue, Evanston, 60201.

International Children’s Playgroup

For students who come to Northwestern with their spouse and child(ren), there is an International Children’s Playgroup, held once per week in the Engelhart Playroom, at 1915 Maple Avenue, Evanston, 60201.

International Women's Group

Women of all nationalities gather to make new friends and share international customs. Social activities take place in members’ homes and other places of special interest.

Anita Yamada, 847-869-3634, anitayamada@comcast.net -or- Kim Mulligan at 847-784-9024, kimmulligan@sbcglobal.net

Cooking Classes for Students' Spouses

Spouses meet regularly to experiment with new recipes to use at home. They meet in an American kitchen to cook international cuisine. Participants share in the cost of ingredients.

Jeanne Reed, 847-251-7973, reedupuis@comcast.net

Kellogg-specific Resources:

Kellogg Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures is a way for spouses and partners (“JVs”) to meet, share interests, take in a movie or explore Chicago together. JVs organize and host a variety of social events for both of you to enjoy. The club also coordinates an informal job network for spouses and partners.

Kellogg Kids

Kellogg Kids is the official Kellogg organization that provides a welcoming environment for partners and families of students. The goal of our club is to create a smooth life transition by providing a support network for the spouses and partners of Kellogg students with children. They are one of the most active clubs on campus, averaging three to four activities per week, including playgroups, birthday parties, holiday parties, music classes, field trips and Mom's nights out.

There is a Kellogg Kid’s TG held every Friday in the Loud Study Room (LSR) from 5:00-6:00 PM.