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Opportunities for Involvement


Northwestern University’s mascot is the Willie the Wild Cat, and the official Northwestern photo identification card is known as a WildCARD.

Your WildCARD can be used to gain access to University buildings, shuttles, and events; to purchase food through vending machines or the University meal plan; and much more. U.S. Bank checking account holders can also use their cards as ATM/debit cards.

Hundreds of Evanston and Chicago area businesses offer discounts, free delivery, and even free items when you show your WildCARD or NU ID Card. Find a participating business here.

You can obtain your WildCARD by applying in person at the WildCARD office, located in Norris University Center. You will need to bring your passport, your student ID number, and your netID.

Exchange Students in Chicago

Northwestern Shuttles

Northwestern University operates several shuttles for students, faculty and staff on the Evanston and Chicago campuses. A valid WildCARD is required to ride the shuttles. Please see the shuttle schedules here.

The Intercampus shuttle runs regularly on weekdays between the Evanston campus and the downtown campus, and can be used to commute between the two campuses for classes. The final stop, Ward, lets students off directly in front of Wieboldt Hall, where Kellogg’s downtown classes take place. 


Kellogg full-time students are split into “sections”, or groups of approximately 60-90 students, who go through orientation together and complete their core courses together. Students get to know each other very well in these smaller groups, and each one has its own listserv, which members use to stay in touch and organize informal social activities.

To aid integration with full-time students, exchange students have all been sorted into a section, and will receive emails from that section’s listserv. You are welcome to attend their events- feel free to just show up!

KSA Exchange Representative

The Kellogg Student Association (KSA) is the representative student group at Kellogg that works to coordinate many activities on behalf of students. While every student is a member of the KSA, it is driven by the dedicated efforts of more than 150 elected leaders across six committees and the KSA Board.

Every term, there is the opportunity for one exchange student to apply to become the exchange student representative to the KSA. The representative will attend weekly KSA meetings, and check in regularly with the Exchange Program Manager to report on exchange student issues, concerns, and initiatives.

Exchange Students Fall 2012

TG—an abbreviation of the longer abbreviation TGIF (aka “Thank God It’s Friday”)—is the name of a popular weekly social event, hosted by various campus clubs throughout the year. Held in Collaboration Plaza on the 1st floor of Kellogg's Global Hub. TG is an opportunity for students to wind down the week with beers and appetizers and to interact with professors and members of Kellogg administration in an informal atmosphere. TG is held every Friday from 5:00 – 6:00 PM, and exchange students are encouraged to attend.

There are over 100 full-time student clubs at Kellogg, and exchange students are eligible to join most clubs. See the full list of clubs here (log in with NetID required). To sign up to receive emails from a club, check the box next to the club name and click “Join” at the bottom of the page.

Student Conferences

Kellogg students organize a number of different conferences every quarter, on a variety of different topics. Topics for the 2013-2014 academic year include: Innovating Social Change, Africa Business, Sports Business, Marketing, and Private Equity and Venture Capital. See more details on student conferences here.

Sports Facilities

Northwestern is home to a number of different sports facilities, the largest of which is the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion, known by students as “SPAC”. Exchange students may use the facilities for the quarter they are on exchange at Kellogg, and will show their Wildcard to gain access. Note that although use of the facilities is free, participating in group fitness classes will require payment.

Sporting Events

Northwestern is a member of the Big Ten conference, a group of twelve member insitutions that compete against another in sporting events, like American football, hockey, soccer, swimming, etc. They compete in the Division 1 conference. Northwestern has a number of both men’s and women’s sports teams.

Tickets for games can be purchased here.

Wildcats Game 2012

Formal Balls

Each quarter, there is a themed, formal ball. Exchange students are welcome to attend. Tickets tend to sell out, so pay attention to your emails and register early if you want to get one!

Fall Ball 2012

Norris Mini Courses

The Norris Mini Course program offers a wide variety of non-credit, recreational, classes four times a year, beginning in October, January, April, and July. Established in 1973, the program continues to offer over 30 course options. Registration is open to the Northwestern community and the public.

Most classes take place once a week in the evening, in an attempt to provide an escape from the daily academic or work routine. These classes are a fantastic way to unwind, make new friends, and learn something new, all at the same time. Most Mini Courses are held inside the Norris University Center, located on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus.

Community Council for International Students

The Community Council for International Students is an all-volunteer group dedicated to making Northwestern University international students feel welcome in this country and at the University. They do this by offering a variety of social and informational programs.

You can see all the programs they offer here