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MacEachern Symposium 2014

2014 MacEachern Symposium
Wednesday June 4, 2014
8:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.

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"The Future of the Physician"

    Ezekiel J. Emanuel
    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel
   Ardis Hoven
   Dr. Ardis Dee Hoven
Malcolm MacEachern Memorial Lecture
: Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Joint Appointment, Wharton School and School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Founding Chair, Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Ardis Dee Hoven, President, American Medical Association

Panel: "The Role of Physicians in a Changing Healthcare Marketplace: Perspectives from Practitioners and Academics"
Moderator, Joel Shalowitz, MD, MBA, Clinical Professor of Health Enterprise Management, Kellogg School of Management
Dean Harrison, President and CEO, Northwestern Memorial Healthcare 
David Meltzer, MD, PhD,  Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy, University of Chicago
Lee Sacks, MD, EVP and CMO, Advocate Healthcare, CEO Advocate Physician Partners

Luncheon and "The Year Ahead in Healthcare: A Forecasting Panel"
Moderator, Dave Burda, former Editor of Modern Healthcare
Michael Sachs, Founder and Chairman, SG2
Andrew Ziskind, Managing Director for Clinical Solutions at Huron Healthcare
Lisa Earnhardt, President and CEO, Intersect ENT
Edward F.X. Hughes, Professor of Management and Strategy, Kellogg School of Management