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Program Benefits

Kellogg Students enrolled in the Certificate Program for Undergraduates receive training and education that put them at a distinct advantage over their peers who are interested in business careers. Program benefits include:

Enhance your degree from Northwestern University.
Northwestern University’s undergraduate students benefit from a broad and well-rounded education, coupled with in-depth exposure to specific academic disciplines. The Certificate Program builds on this strong academic foundation: Students develop advanced skills in qualitative and quantitative reasoning; gain exposure to real-world corporate scenarios; understand the nuances of solving challenging business problems; and receive training from some of the world’s most highly regarded academics. Together, this education produces highly skilled graduates who stand out from their peers in the marketplace.

What students like
about the program:
  • the program’s academic rigor
  • collaborating and working in groups
  • state-of-the-art facilities at 555 Clark Street
  • studying, working and making friends with students who share their interests and goals
  • one-on-one career development resources
Develop business skills that immediately apply to the workplace.
The program’s curriculum allows students to develop critical thinking skills, gain exposure to business applications and analytical models, and understand the qualitative analysis that underlies all strategic business decisions. With this education, graduates are prepared for entry-level careers in areas such as asset management, product development, pricing, strategy formation, supply chain design, mergers and acquisitions, and more. More generally, students learn Help support the Certificate Program - Make a gifthow to work in groups and develop an appreciation for collaboration in academic and real-world settings.

Learn from world-class faculty at the Kellogg School.
While remaining grounded in a liberal arts environment, students in the program benefit from the culture, research and academic excellence that are characteristic of the Kellogg School’s MBA Program. The program’s instructors — all Kellogg professors —are highly regarded in their academic fields and have demonstrated research and teaching excellence. Like MBA candidates, students are held to high standards in learning, academic integrity, personal responsibility, collaboration, ethical behavior and classroom etiquette.

Receive customized, one-on-one support from career counselors.
With support from the program’s career counselors, students have landed summer internships and full-time jobs with some of the nation’s top employers. Historically, those who have completed the Financial Economics Certificate have found jobs and internships in consulting, finance, technology, and education; those receiving the Managerial Analytics Certificate often work or intern in the fields of management consulting, strategy and planning. Graduates of both programs have gone on to graduate school in law, mathematics, engineering, and medicine. Many students have received full-time employment offers from the companies where they completed their summer internships.

Gain access to a rich and ever-growing alumni network. 
Our growing alumni network -- currently 560 strong --  work in companies worldwide and serve as a rich resource for students as they search for jobs, internship, career advice and more.
Certificate Program for Undergraduates
Kellogg School of Management
555 Clark Street, Lower Level
Evanston, IL 60208-2800