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2011 Rotman International Trading Competition

Rotman award 2011Congratulations to CPU students Mete Mustecaplioglu, Ari Arevyan and Steven Chen who placed fourth out of 50 universities at the Rotman School of Management International Trading Competition in Toronto last month.

We’re proud of the team, which was captained by Mete, since most of the other universities’ teams were MBA students. As a result of their strong finish, the CPU team was invited to a prestigious trading competition at MIT next year. Joon Yoon, a junior from WCAS, rounded out our four-member team.

Here are some personal thoughts about the competition from two of the participants.

From Steven Chen, an FE Certificate junior who is majoring in MMSS (Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences), Mathematics, and Economics: “The competition consisted of six cases involving a variety of scenarios including trading natural gas futures, programming an automated high frequency trading algorithm, and shouting out buy and sell orders in a trading pit. I particularly enjoyed the high frequency case because it was fun thinking up, coding, and implementing different strategies in our algorithm to see which ones would make us the most money. The competition was a lot of fun, and it gave me a better sense of what a trading career will be like. The Kellogg team has been consistently improving each year, and we hope to continue this trend next year!”

And this from Ari Arevyan, a senior in the MA Certificate, whose majors are IEMS (Industrial Economics Management Sciences) and Economics. “We expected the trading at the competition to be much different from that in the practice rounds that we worked on before the competition, and indeed markets were tighter and more volatile since there were many more traders reacting at the same time. We had full confidence in the models that we had prepared, and they were successful in providing us an edge over the rest of the market. There were times when we had to adjust and rewrite the models on the fly, but we managed to come out on top. Probably the most important asset we brought to the competition as a team was our ability to efficiently communicate trading strategies and ideas among each other and act quickly on them. Despite the highly competitive atmosphere throughout the day, all the competitors were very eager to get to know each other. Meeting people with similar areas of interest from all around the world was an invaluable experience.”

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