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Reaching a balance

Teamwork plays key role for students at the Rotman International Trading Competition

Students in the Certificate Program for Undergraduates headed to Toronto in February to participate in the annual Rotman International Trading Competition.

Over three days, teammates Kai Kang, Cody Kittle, Mete Mustecaplioglu and Ozgur Tekin competed against 42 schools in a series of simulated trading events. The team placed 18th overall and vied against MBA and undergraduate students from schools worldwide, including Harvard Business School, the University of Hong Kong and the host school, the University of Toronto.

Students acted as traders and analysts and were tested in five different scenarios, including credit risk, commodity trading and algorithmic high-frequency trading cases.

Kittle said the theoretical frameworks taught in his Kellogg classes laid the foundation to solve the challenges presented in the cases. He added that his team’s ability to work effectively together played a crucial role during the competition, as the students had to make decisions together quickly in some cases.

“In the competition, there was a struggle between how much we should base our trading decisions off the models and the sense of what other people in the competition were doing and what the designers of the case intended,” Little said. “It was reaching a balance, and that’s analogous to real-world trading scenarios.”
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