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When is the next application cycle? ›› +
May I apply to the certificate program if I am not currently a Northwestern University student? ›› +
Do I have to be a WCAS or McCormick student to apply? ›› +
May I apply to both certificates at the same time? ›› +
Can I still apply if I haven’t completed all of the prerequisites before Spring Quarter? ›› +
May I apply as a junior, instead of as a sophomore? ›› +
May I apply to the Certificate Program if I transferred to Northwestern from another college or university? ›› +
When is the application due? When will I find out if I've been accepted? ›› +
If I'm accepted to the program, can I defer my start date? ›› +
How many students do you accept? ›› +
Whom should I ask to be my faculty recommender? ›› +


What do you look for academically in applicants? ›› +
Is there a minimum overall GPA or prerequisite GPA required? ›› +


Is the Certificate Program considered an academic major, minor or concentration? ›› +
Can I count courses taken in the Certificate Program towards my major or minor? ›› +
Can I pursue both certificates? ›› +
Will the certificate appear on my academic transcript? ›› +
Is the certificate equivalent to an MBA? ›› +
Will the program help prepare me for graduate school? ›› +


Do I have to start the program in the Spring? ›› +
Do I have to take all four courses in one year? ›› +


Can I study abroad and participate in the Certificate Program? ›› +
Who teaches classes in the Certificate Program? ›› +
Is there a handout that describes the day to day activities of the Certificate Program? ›› +
Can I make a gift or donation to the Certificate Program? ›› +
Are there any opportunities to work with Kellogg professors on research projects? ›› +
Are there other business-related academic programs at Northwestern University? ›› +
Certificate Program for Undergraduates
Kellogg School of Management
555 Clark Street, Lower Level
Evanston, IL 60208-2800