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Career Development

Through a partnership between the Kellogg School and Northwestern University Career Services, the certificate program provides high-quality career services for students seeking internships, full-time jobs and/or graduate study. Under the guidance of a dedicated career advisor, students are prepared to launch their careers upon graduation.

The career advisor, who works exclusively with students in the program, provides:

Specialized career expertise
By combining resources, knowledge and expertise from Northwestern and Kellogg Career Services, the program’s career services provides students with support as they engage in their career development and planning. Building upon their expertise in traditional undergraduate job opportunities, the career advisor leverages the Kellogg School’s employer partnerships to strengthen recruitment of students in targeted industries, such as financial services and consulting.

Support for internship and job searches
The career advisor helps students develop skills to secure summer internships and full-time jobs, where they can apply their skills and knowledge developed in the program’s courses. International students and/or students who intern at companies that require them to receive academic credit for their experience may enroll in KELLG_CPU 350: Summer Internship (.25 credits). For more information, consult the Internship Course Guidelines.

Personalized attention
The career advisor offers students personalized assistance in crafting resumes and cover letters; practicing interviewing skills; choosing between job/internship offers; and answering questions that arise throughout the job and internship search process. Consultations are available via e-mail, phone or in person.

Workshops, programs and presentations
The career advisor coordinates workshops and programs — both on and off campus — to introduce students to various industries; learn more about critical job-search skills; and provide networking opportunities with potential employers. Through established relationships with employers and Kellogg student organizations, the program also helps students access programs that cater to their interests and career development needs.

Access to a global network of employers
By leveraging their network, the career advisors promotes the Certificate Program and its students with employers across the globe. These relationships serve students in significant ways during their search for jobs and internships.

Certificate Program for Undergraduates
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