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Managerial Analytics Certificate Program Prerequisites and Corequisites

Prerequisite FAQs Northwestern University undergraduate students* who are interested in applying for the Managerial Analytics must complete a series of prerequisite and corequisite courses.

These advanced courses cover five subject areas:


  1. Calculus and Linear Algebra
  2. Microeconomics


  1. Probability
  2. Econometrics/Statistics
  3. Optimization

Download the complete prerequisite and corequisite list here

Prerequisite courses must be completed by the time applications are due in Winter Quarter.  Students are encouraged to complete as many corequisites as possible prior to applying and during the application cycle, but may continue working on the corequisites during their first year in the program.

Important Course Planning Notes for Prospective Students

Please take the following information into consideration when planning your major/elective courses.  

  • Students cannot earn credit for both ECON 360 Foundations of Corporate Finance Theory and FE 310 Principles of Finance or for both BUS_INST 304 Corporate Finance and KELLG_FE 310: Principles of Finance


  • Students interested in taking Civ_Env 205: Economics and Finance for Engineers must take the course prior to be admitted to the program.  Students cannot earn credit for Civ_Env 205 if it is taken concurrently with or after KELLG_FE 310: Principles of Finance.

*The program does not accept applications from high school seniors, students attending other universities or other individuals who are not currently undergraduate students at Northwestern University.

Find out more about undergraduate admission at Northwestern University.

Prerequisites and Corequisites for Managerial Analytics Certificate
Requirement 1:
Calculus and Linear Algebra (Prerequisite)
Option 1: Regular Math
MATH 230-0 or MATH 230-1 and
MATH 234-0 or MATH 230-2 and
MATH 240-0
Option 2: MENU
MATH 290-1 and
MATH 290-2 and
MATH 290-3
Option 3: MENU Accelerated
MATH 291-1 and
MATH 291-2 and
MATH 291-3
Option 4: ISP
MATH 281-1 and
MATH 281-2 and
MATH 281-3
Option 5: MMSS
MATH 285-1 and
MATH 285-2 and
MATH 285-3
Option 6: McCormick
MATH 230-0 or MATH 228-1 and
MATH 234-0 or MATH 228-2 and
GEN_ENG 205-1 (EA 1) or GEN_ENG 206-1 (Honors EA 1)
Option 7: McCormick 
Honors Calc. ES APPM 252-1 and
Honors Calc. ES APPM 252-2 and
GEN_ENG 205-1 (EA 1) or GEN_ENG 206-1 (Honors EA 1)
Requirement 2:
Microeconomics (Prerequisite)
Requirement 3:
Probability (Corequisite)
Requirement 4:
Econometrics/Statistics (Corequisite)
Option 1:
ECON 310-1
Option 2: MMSS Only
MMSS 211-1

Option 1:
MATH 314-0*
Option 2:
MATH 310-0*
Option 3:
MATH 311-1*
Option 4:
STAT 320-1*
Option 5: ISP Only
STAT 383-0
Option 6: MMSS Only
MATH 385-0

Option 7:
IEMS 202-0
Option 8:
ELEC_ENG 302-0
Option 9:
EECS 302-0
Option 10:
BMD_ENG 220-0
Option 11:
CHEM_ENG 312-0
 *MATH 226-0 is a prerequisite for these courses beginning Fall 2020
Option 1:
Option 2: MMSS students only
MATH 386-1
Option 3:
IEMS 303-0 and
IEMS 304-0
Option 4:
STAT 320-2 and
IEMS 304-0
Option 5:
STAT 320-2 and
STAT 350-0
Option 6:
STAT 383-0** and
STAT 350-0 or IEMS 304-0
 * Refer to the Economics Department Website for new information about Econ 381-1 prerequisites
** This option is for ISP students only.
Requirement 5:
Optimization (Corequisite)

Option 1:
MATH 368-0
Option 2:
IEMS 313-0
Option 3:
CHEM_ENG 345-0


Q: Do any of the prerequisite courses have their own prerequisites?
A: In most cases, yes - click here to review the prerequisite chain prerequisites for more information, consult the Northwestern Undergraduate Catalog or contact the appropriate academic department. 

Q: Do I have to take all honors classes?
A: Equal consideration is given to students who take honors and non-honors courses. Students may mix and match honors and non-honors courses.

Q: In what school should I take my prerequisite and corequisite classes?
A: Most prerequisite and corequisite courses are offered in both the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences and McCormick School of Engineering. Students may choose to take courses in either or both schools.

Q: Do I have to complete all prerequisites before I apply during Winter Quarter?
A: Yes, students must complete the prerequisite courses in Math/Linear Algebra and Microeconomics prior to the Winter Quarter of the year in which they apply to the program.  In other words, grades from all of the prerequisite courses must be available for review by the end of Fall quarter and available for review in January.

Q: When do I need to complete the corequisite courses?
A: Students are encouraged to take as many of the corequisite courses as possible prior to applying, but we understand that this is not always possible. 


Students applying as sophomores should work on corequisite courses during their sophomore year, including during the Winter quarter in which the application is due and the Spring quarter when they take their first Certificate courses.


Student applying as Juniors are strongly encouraged to begin corequisite courses during their sophomore year and complete them by the end of their Junior year.


All Certificate Program students must complete corequisite courses within one year of starting the program.  Students are also responsible with familiarizing themselves with the Certificate course prerequisites, as some of the courses require that students have completed certain corequisite courses prior to beginning the course.

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