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Managerial Analytics Certificate Courses

The Managerial Analytics Certificate curriculum consists of four courses, as detailed below.

Students must take the first MA course offering scheduled during Fall Quarter. They may take subsequent courses in any order.

KELLG_MA 322-0: Pricing
Instructor: Donald Dale
Comparison of the three main ways to set prices—haggling/negotiation, posted price, and auctions. How to choose the best method in a given situation. Customizing the price of the same product or service to different segments, using optimization models to set prices when volume is uncertain, pricing multiple products. Introduction to techniques for gathering information about buyer valuations and demands, including regression, conjoint analysis, and enterprise value creation.   Syllabus

KELLG_MA 324-0: Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
Instructor: Martin Lariviere
Operations management is the management of business processes--that is, the management of the recurring activities of a firm. This course aims to familiarize students with the problems and issues confronting operations managers, and to provide the language, concepts, insights and tools to deal with these issues to gain competitive advantage through operations and supply chains. We examine how different business strategies require different business processes and supply chain structures and how different operational capabilities allow and support different strategies to gain competitive advantage.

KELLG_MA 326-0: Topics in Managerial Analytics: Analytics for Strategy
Instructor: David Dranove
Most strategic decisions businesses make require an assessment of cause and effect. What will happen to prices and sales if I open a new location in a particular geographic area? How will consumers respond if I begin posting the caloric content of my food products at the point of purchase? What is the effect of seasonal bonuses on employee productivity? This course is a deep dive into the empirical tool that is most valuable for linking cause to effect: regression analysis. You will learn how to perform convincing data analyses to answer specific questions, how to evaluate analyses others have done, and how to present data analysis in a clear and accessible way.  Syllabus

KELLG_FE 310-0: Principles of Finance
Instructor: Anthony DeFusco
In this course, students will learn about the impact of time and uncertainty on value; discounted cash flows; equity and debt valuation; the term structure of interest rates; portfolio theory; asset pricing; and efficient market theory. The course also explores firms’ financing decisions, including capital budgeting, capital structure and payout policy. (This course is also featured in the Financial Economics Certificate program.) 
Certificate Program for Undergraduates
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