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Certificate Completion Requirements

All students must enter the program in the Spring Quarter.  Once enrolled, students must fulfill the following requirements to earn the Financial Economics Certificate or Managerial Analytics Certificate:

  1. Graduate from Northwestern University. To earn the certificate, students must complete all graduation requirements for Northwestern University.
  2. Complete all four courses in the certificate. Please note that both certificates require students to start the program in the spring before enrolling in other courses.  The first class for all students will be KELLG_FE 310-0: Principles of Finance.  Students pursuing the Financial Economics Certificate must take KELLG_FE 310-0, Section 20.  Students pursuing the Managerial Analytics Certificate must take KELLG_FE 310-0, Section 21. We recommend students start the program during the spring of their sophomore year. This provides the greatest amount of flexibility for scheduling both Certificate Program and other required courses.
  3. Complete corequisite courses. You will be asked for how you plan to complete all of the corequisite courses. If you are taking any prerequisites during Fall Quarter, your admission to CPU will be contingent on completing those classes. Applicants are encouraged to work towards completing corequisite courses prior to beginning the program, and all corequisites must be completed within one year of entering the program.  Any exceptions to this must be approved by the Academic Director.
Taking courses in other certificates 
Students must choose between pursuing the Financial Economics Certificate or Managerial Analytics Certificate; they cannot earn both certificates. However, if a student has completed all four courses in the chosen certificate and maintained a “B” average or better, he/she may take classes in the other certificate, space permitting.

Satisfying requirements in academic major
In general, courses taken through the Certificate Program for Undergraduates can be used as unrestricted elective courses. Students should contact their academic advisor and appropriate departments to determine how these courses may or may not be used as electives.
Certificate Program for Undergraduates
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