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Typography for design professionals

Gotham is our brand’s sans-serif font and a typographic workhorse. It can be used in a variety of ways: for headlines, body copy and captions. It also works well for charts, graphs and displaying data.

Petrona is our brand’s serif font. Use Petrona bold italic or Petrona bold for special callouts or accents on your professionally designed pages. Petrona regular is ideal for longer copy.

Roboto and Petrona are our website fonts. Use these fonts when editing webpages in our template.



System fonts for general use

Use Arial in place of Gotham for all presentations, letters, HTML emails and other materials.

Georgia is ideal for longer copy in smaller sizes. Its more balanced construction allows for greater legibility.

Arial and Georgia are default system fonts that come pre-installed on all Mac and Windows operating systems. If you do not have Arial or Georgia on your computer, please email KIS for help.



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