Brave Leaders Inspire Growth

Here are a few words to communicate a consistent and compelling Kellogg point of view in all of your communications and collateral.

Our Purpose

To educate, equip and inspire leaders who build strong organizations and wisely leverage the power of markets to create lasting value.

How We Educate, Equip and Inspire Leaders

Growth is a challenge every leader and organization confronts — across sectors, markets, countries and economies. At Kellogg, we develop brave leaders who inspire growth in people, organizations and markets.

Kellogg's unique capabilities develop brave leaders:

  • Our distinctive approach to business thought leadership - foundational departments integrated with strategic cross-disciplinary initiatives;
  • Our vibrant community and culture - courageous, driven, supportive;
  • Our global footprint with an innovative portfolio and the broadest array of global offerings.

The Unique Kellogg Experience

Our students join our Kellogg alumni community with:

  • A balanced and dynamic skill set combining intellectual and practical capabilities, built on rigorous research foundations and honed through intense engagement with faculty, peers, and real-world practice.
  • A leadership perspective that fosters personal and professional growth and forges connections across people, organizations, communities, sectors and markets.
  • Global acuity built on a deep understanding of global market dynamics, customer needs, cross-sector interdependencies and organizational architectures.

Our Brand Promise

Kellogg develops brave leaders who inspire growth in people, organizations and markets.

Our Tagline: inspiring growth

Our Mantra: Brave leaders inspire growth