Brand Guidelines

Distinctive and Uniquely Kellogg

Our narrative and identity system are the primary expressions of the distinctive Kellogg brand. These guidelines give you the information, tools and templates you need to bring the unique Kellogg experience to life consistently across all the ways you communicate.


The Kellogg brand is visually unique, immediately recognizable, and distinctly "Kellogg." Our strongest mark, our logo lockup is the cornerstone to creating a visually unified and recognizable communication.

Email Signature

Use this email signature template at the bottom of all your school-related email communications.

Brand Color

Our primary color is the Northwestern Kellogg purple and should always be the visual foundation of any collateral. For consistency, use these color breakdowns in CMYK or RGB for all your communications.


Kellogg’s institutional font is clean, simple and cross-platform. Use Arial for all self-service communications.
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