Ways to Volunteer

Your Time Matters

Kellogg offers a variety of ways to get involved, so you can choose the opportunities that matter most to you.

Learn more about each of our volunteer categories below and indicate an opportunity that you’d like to explore by emailing us at kellogg-alumni@kellogg.northwestern.edu. 

A member of our Alumni Relations team will review your interests and work to match you with the corresponding department at Kellogg. We’ll then contact you if there is availability for a volunteer within the department at that time, or if there’s another opportunity available that we think might interest you.

Alumni Community Building

Become active in your local club: All U.S. regional and international alumni clubs are led and supported by Kellogg alumni who want to enhance their group’s effectiveness in a particular geography.

Join a Kellogg affinity network: Affinity networks are led and supported by Kellogg alumni who gather in support of a specific interest area.

Participate in peer mentorship: Participating in a mentorship program has been proven to enhance both professional outcomes and personal connectedness. Through the Northwestern Network Mentoring Program, registered participants can opt to be a mentor, mentee or both. If you would like to explore the mentoring program, you can find more information about mentoring here.

Become a class representative: Class reps serve as key contacts for their class between Reunion years. This may include a broad range of potential responsibilities such as social media champion, class note collector or special event coordinator.

Student Engagement

Mentor a student: Through the Kellogg Alumni Mentoring Platform, registered participants can opt to be a mentor. The platform allows Kellogg students to search and request alumni mentors. If you would like to explore the mentoring program, you can find more information about mentoring here.

Partner with the Leadership Journey: For this co-curricular program, alumni support individuals or small groups of students in their leadership development coursework during the school year.

Become a Kellogg alumni innovator: Kellogg Entrepreneurship invites alumni active in entrepreneurship to become involved with events and programming that support students pursuing these endeavors. Find more information about entrepreneurship and take further steps to participate by signing up for the mailing list.

Get involved in social impact: Kellogg has a long history of educating leaders who leverage the power of markets to create lasting social value. We invite Kellogg alumni to support and help students and fellow alumni as they seek to create social impact. More details about social impact can be found here.

Hire a student: Kellogg’s Career Management Center (CMC) partners with alumni to support an effective experience of hiring Kellogg students for internships or post-graduate positions. Access CMC resources here.

Become a student trek partner: Students lead visits to companies around the U.S. and across the globe to learn firsthand about certain industries, business models and economies and begin building relationships. Alumni can offer to partner with students and provide access to their organizations.

Admissions Support

Refer a prospective student: If you know someone who would be a great candidate for Kellogg, please complete this form to inform Kellogg of the prospective student and allow us to follow up directly.

Donate a space: Kellogg admissions organizes special events in several locations around the world. Many of these events are made possible by alumni who have graciously offered spaces to host them.

Corporate Partnerships

Kellogg maximizes its impact by teaming up with companies and organizations from a broad range of industries and sectors. Companies and groups interested in partnering with Kellogg, seeking project support or recruiting students or alumni to board or career roles, have a number of ways to get involved.

Explore these opportunities, and visit Kellogg Corporate Partnerships to learn more.



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