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Alumni access to cutting-edge business education doesn’t end at graduation

Your time at Kellogg was a turning point in your career, but it was just the beginning of your professional journey. Experience the latest content from industry-leading Kellogg faculty to recharge your MBA, stay ahead of the curve and address personal leadership challenges. Take advantage of our library of resources, which is designed to equip you for success throughout every stage of your life.

Becoming a Values-Based Leader

Professor Harry Kraemer emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, balance, true self-confidence and genuine humility as a leader.

Dealing With Digital Disruption

Professor Mohan Sawhney focuses on the nature of digital disruption and how incumbent firms can respond through digital transformation.

Financing for Growth

Professor Mitchell Petersen explains how the stockpile of cash on U.S. firms’ balance sheets affects economic growth and business investment.

Being Human in the 21st Century

Professor Robert Wolcott discusses technology and the experience of being human in the 21st century.

Scaling a Venture to the Next Level

Professor Linda Darragh presents a live case on how an alum tackled the challenges of scaling a company.

Using Persuasive Data Visualization

Professor Steve Franconeri illustrates how to tell clear stories from your data to audiences of varied technical and topical expertise.


Kellogg Insight

Podcast: Why You Need a Killer Answer to “So, What Do You Do?”

A great response to this question can open doors. On this episode of The Insightful Leader: we’ve got tips for fine-tuning your answer.

The Path to the Boardroom Can Be Opaque. Here’s a Roadmap.

An expert offers 6 tips for becoming board-ready.

Are Whistleblowers Seen as Heroes or Snitches? It Depends.

Reporting workplace misconduct often requires choosing between morality and loyalty. New research explores how that trade-off is viewed by others.

Executive Education

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Virtual Programs Library

View recordings of engaging alumni webinars from our "Conversations with Distinguished Alumni" and "This is Kellogg" series anytime, anywhere.

Creativity and Innovation in the 21st Century

Professor Ben Jones discusses technological progress as a team sport and applications to building effective, innovative teams today.

The All-Or-Nothing Marriage

Professor Eli Finkel combines cutting-edge scientific research with practical advice to solve acute problems and help your marriage flourish.

Giving Better Feedback

Professors Ellen Taaffe and Eli Finkel discuss the most effective ways to give and receive feedback and how we can improve communication.

How to Maintain Social and Professional Connections

Professors Neal Roese and Craig Wortmann explain the science of regret and offer advice for staying in touch with business contacts and friends.

How to Avoid Five Common Career Pitfalls

Professors Carter Cast and Dylan Minor identify five career derailers and discuss research on companies that hire people with criminal records.

How to Keep Your Team Motivated

Professor Leigh Thompson offers four game-changing tips to motivate your team and produce better results.

Tips for Negotiating Agreements

Professor Jeanne Brett highlights strategies to use that can result in both parties gaining what they want or need.

Optimizing Virtual Teams

Professor Leigh Thompson discusses four key steps to manage your virtual team effectively.

Secrets of Cross-Cultural Communication

Professor Jeanne Brett discusses the best ways to employ cultural sensitivity when addressing conflict in a business setting.

Big Data to Big Profits

Professor Russell Walker's blog discusses how firms that create data are now creating real economic value from big data.

Building Strong Brands

Professor Tim Calkins highlights notable developments in the branding world and evaluates both good and bad branding initiatives.

Understanding Values-Based Leadership

Professor Harry Kraemer shares his insight about values-based leadership on his blog.

The Best Next Thing

Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal provide thoughts and resources around the art and craft of new venture creation.

Stop Flailing and Start Delivering

Professor Carter Cast explores the issue of feeling overwhelmed and offers five recommendations on how to prevent your career from derailing.

How Brilliant Careers Are Made and Unmade

Professor Carter Cast provides insight into why some people make it big while others, equally experienced and talented, fall by the wayside.