Your Kellogg Digital Yearbook

Kellogg will offer all alumni with Reunion Years a chance to connect with their classmates using our digital yearbooks. These books will provide an opportunity to connect with classmates prior to reunion, share life updates, memories, and photos. Please click on your digital yearbooks below.


What is BrightCrowd?

BrightCrowd is a third-party vendor that provides the online platform for your digital class yearbook.

Who can view my class yearbook page?

Members of your specific class who have submitted their own profile may view your class page. The general public and other Kellogg classes cannot view your class page.

What should I include in my class yearbook page?

When you access your class page, you’ll see a number of questions and information that you can choose to add. These include several options for contact information, as well as a series of questions that give you the opportunity to speak to your experience at Kellogg, how it has shaped your life and career, and any current updates you’d like to share with your class.

How do I create my class yearbook page?

View a quick tutorial of how to set up your page here.

When can I submit my class yearbook page?

The class yearbook is now live, so submit your class page today! The book will be open for updates through Reunion weekend.

When is the class yearbook submission deadline?

Your class yearbook will be open for submissions and edits to your class page through Reunion weekend. Once you add your page, you’ll have immediate access to view your classmates’ pages.

How do I request access if my current email address isn’t accepted?

If the BrightCrowd system doesn’t accept your email address, it means that we don’t have that specific email listed as your preferred email in our database. To update your preferred email and request a link to your class yearbook, contact us at

Can I submit my page via postal mail or email?

Please submit your page online via the links included in your class year section toward the top of this page. If you’re experiencing issues with getting access to your class yearbook, contact us at If you’re having trouble adding content to your class page or need additional tech support, select the “Contact Us” option from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the class yearbook page and complete the “Contact Book Editor” form. A member from the BrightCrowd team will contact you with further guidance.

When can I read the class yearbook pages?

Alumni who submit their page will have immediate viewing access to all classmates’ submitted pages.

Can my information be pre-populated so I don’t have to enter it into the system?

No. Our platform, BrightCrowd, does not have access to your personal information, so it cannot pre-populate your information into the digital class yearbook. You determine what information you’d like to share with your classmates. Your page is created as soon as you enter your name – how much and what other information you share is up to you.

How many photos can I upload to my page?

You can upload one profile photo and up to 24 additional photos, as long as they are JPG, TIFF, or PNG files.

Do I have the ability to caption or omit photo captions?

Yes, you can decide whether or not you want to caption photos on your own page only. If you add a caption for your profile photo, it will only appear when you select the overlaying graphic (the letter “i”) in the upper right of your profile photo. Captions added for any additional photos will display immediately underneath those photos.

Can I edit my page after I submit it?

Yes. After logging into your page via the links included in your class year section toward the top of this page, select the “My Page” link in the upper right corner to edit your page. You can also view a tutorial of how to edit your page here.

What if someone in my class posts a photo of me that I want removed?

Each member of the class is the owner of their page. If a classmate has posted a photo of you on their page that you do not feel comfortable having in the yearbook, you’ll need to contact that classmate directly to have it removed or changed. Visit the alumni directory to find your classmates’ contact information.

How can I find out who else in my affinity group (e.g. organizations, cohort, etc.) has also submitted a page?

Use the search bar in the upper left corner of any page on the class yearbook platform to search by specific keywords. You will be able to view the pages of anyone who has included those keywords on their page.

How do I find the map that shows where my classmates live?

Navigate to your class yearbook via the links included in your class year section toward the top of this page, then scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Click “Browse by Location.”

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